We have much more bandwidth so no more limits on how much you can download at a time, however if the site gets super slow, we will have to take some measures to limit the number of downloads.

We will also make all shows available by B&P (Blanks and Postage) So there is no need to be greedy.

Please keep it to a roar and hopefully we will all be fine



The MP3 files on this site are for

The main purpose of the MP3s on this site is for you to preview a show before you download a SHN file.

Feel free to download them to play on your computer or MP3 player. If you choose to make an Audio CD, please do not trade it with other collectors of live music!

Why is this important?

When people record shows, they usually use DIGITAL AUDIO TAPE or DAT. The DAT original is then transferred to uncompressed .wav files. These .wav files are an exact copy of the original DAT source. Uncompressed .wav files are the same files in size and quality as tracks on an Audio CD. These files are very large. Most people who actively trade live concert recordings trade in the AUDIO CD format, or convert their .wav files to SHN files. SHN is a loss less compression codec. This means that SHN files, while smaller than the .wav files, still retain all of the quality of the original recording. SHN files are an exact copy of the show.

SHN files, while smaller than .wav files, are still rather large. Hence it takes you longer to download them. When the original files are converted to MP3 they become much, much smaller. Unfortunately in the process of making them smaller, certain parts of the original recording are discarded, never to return again. This is not lossless compression like SHN. Most of the time these are things we are not able to hear. But just because we can't hear it does not mean that the loss is not important. The Audio CD you make from MP3 files is not an exact copy of the original recording. There is an assumption that when you trade Audio CDs you are trading and exact copy of the show. If you have made an Audio CD from MP3 than you are not trading an exact copy of the show.

While a "Exact Copy" may not be important to you, it is to a lot of folks in the Taper and Trader communities.

The taper community provides a very valuable service to the world. If it was not for them many of us would be stuck to listening to studio releases only. In this digital age it is possible to make perfect digital clones of digitally recorded shows. This means that everyone can have the exact quality of the original recording. There are entire organizations devoted to cataloguing theses recordings and coordinating their distribution. For this reason we are able to get high quality recordings that were not available to just a few years ago.

If you trade Audio CDs made from MP3 format you are polluting the communal water that the taper and trader community drinks from.

Please don't do it.

If you wish to trade live recordings you need to trade SHN files or Audio CDs that were not made from an MP3 source.

Most of the shows on this site are available in SHN format. We will be happy to record them on to CD for you for Blanks and Postage or B&P. Those versions you can trade to your hearts content. Visit our music trade page to find out what is available. This is also a great way for folks with 56k modems to enjoy high quality recordings. We also have some friends outside the U.S. who can take care of B&Ps for us in different countries. We can all share this music.

We trust you will to the right thing. Many of us just want to hear groovy music and are not active in concert trading circles. For those of us MP3 is just fine for others it is not.

Please show the taping community

Do not trade CDs made from MP3 files!

For more on our MP3 stance, visit our FAQ page. is a concert trading community!

Please do not share MP3 files from this site on

If you wish to share this groovy music,
tell your friends to come here and download what they like.

Thanks for respecting the download guidelines.
Hopefully that respect will bring more shows for us all.



The files on this site are SHN and MP3. You can download them and burn them to and Audio CD.

Your CD burner will be able to burn MP3 files to an Audio CD, but you will have to convert the SHN files in to .WAV's in order to burn them to an Audio CD.

For information on SHN files and links to free software to convert them click here. We use MKW.

Live shows should always be burned a s "Disc at Once" or DAO. Your CD burner probably defaults to "Track at Once" or TAO. This leaves a very annoying 2 second gap between songs. You should change this setting before you burn these shows to Audio CD. has a great FAQ about CD-R burning. It is worth reading.


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