What we always dreamed of has come true. We are now able to post shows in SHN format in the Live Music Archive at This is a very good thing. We are limited by the amount of hard drive space available on this server. has hundreds of servers! We can now make available every known circulating live Spearhead show. In addition to to the amount of space and bandwidth the archive offers, it also gives users the ability to upload shows they tap themselves. It makes for a more interactive exspearience. By the Live Music Archive taking over the hosting of SHNs, it opens up a lot of room on this server for endless photos, mp3s and video! Soon we will start expanding the video section of this site.

Some SHNs will stay here. The DHOH shows, Radioactive gigs and the newest releases. We hope all of you SHN users will keep coming back, as the archive pages on this site still contain photos, links and video. There are also shows that only circulate in MP3.


The Forum is now up and working. It is a place where users of this site can get together and arrange music trades, rate recordings and discuss issues regarding this site. It seems like a pretty fun board. It is our hope that we can use it to furthur spread this music to those in need.


We have added a new streaming video section. Video clips are in the Windows Media format. More video to come in the next few weeks.

Click here to get the player. If you do not have a broadband connection, you must download the clips before you watch them.


There are also tons of photos, some hosted on site, some on other sites. Photo links (when available) are listed in the show table in the archives. Click here to view photo galleries hosted by this site, but do not miss out all of the other great photos that are linked to individual concerts.

Spearhead on "Where We Live" CD. A benefit for

Just Posted

Radioactive Record Release Party Photos

RADIOACTIVE videoclip from High Sierra Music Fest

More Spearhead News on Google.

"Everyone Deserves Music" Released.

Radioactive releases solo disc


Buy it at

Upcoming Live Dates


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New Songs

There are a many new songs being played.

I'm A Bee (download)

Yell Fire (download)

Yens and Euros (download)

Never Seen A Place So High (download)

Tolerence (download)

Life Saver (download)

A minutes all I need (download)

The 2003 Snowboard Tour brought us 2 new songs and a new arrangement of an old favorite.

Michael played the new song "We could use a little rain"??(download) on Democracy Now. We have edited this song out of the stream, but you should listen to the whole interview and the rest of the songs.

Taxi Radio Was played at Bonnaroo. You can also hear it on the website.

Sling Ting is a Jam the band has been doing lately. Download it on

This Change is a wonderfully introspective song. Download a copy from the August Brisbane show.

Download The official studio version of Bomb The World


Please support the band and demand that radio stations play the new record when it comes out.

New Shows To Download

Just In!

2004's First shows,


More to come bery soon.

Most of the US tour from September and October 2003 are now available. A few shows will be added each week for the next few weeks.

9-6-2003 Power To The Peaceful Festival

5-3-2003 Jazz Fest (correct 4 am show)

7-12-2003 Toronto

7-11-2003 Quebec

7-14-2003 Woodstock

5-16-2003 SUNY

8-10-2003 Sydney

Birmingham UK 6-19-2003

Brighton UK 6-25-2003

Adelaide Australia 8-7-2003

Dijon France Party 6-27-2003

Festival Hall Brisbane Australia 8-9-2003

Carling Academy, Bristol, UK 6-18-2003

Fuji Rock Festival, Japan 7-25-2003

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia 8-8-2003

Radioactive Record Release Party 7-8-03

Gathering of The Vibes, 7-13-03

Be sure to check out some highlights from the latest Australian Tour (including "What's Going On" from Australian TV (download) and Michael and Carl at the Palace in Melbourne.