Got some cool tunes you want to share or trade drop us an email.

We are always looking for shows that we do not have. Especially older shows (1995-2000) and our first Spearhead show from Laguna Seca Days 1996.

If some out there can hook us up it would be a beautiful thing.

We will gladly share music with everyone. We will make available any show we have in SHN format. You can send us blanks and postage (B&P). We will not limit the number of blanks, but if you send us 10 discs it is going to take longer to turn around than 1 or 2. Please follow the standard B&P rules.

We can make you AUDIO CD's or SHN Files.

We will not make Audio CD's of shows that only have an MP3 source!

Feel free to browse our small but growing list.

Got a cool show you want to contribute? Drop us an email and I can give you an FTP directory to upload or I can send you some B&P or trade.

For the record, we use EAC with the proper offset for extraction, MKW for SHN files, Nero 5.543 for burning SHNs, CDRWIN D.A.O. - 8x Burn on QPS Que! 24X Burner for burning Audio CDs.

We burn on FUJI, MITSUI, or Taiyo Yuden discs (anything made in Japan, they make the best CDRs). But will accept most anything (except MEMOREX!) as long as they play and extract correctly. Please use 700 MB / 80 min. discs.

Love and affection in the right direction.