This site is a labor of love. 100% Listener Supported. While we have put a lot of our time and effort into it, this site could not exist with the help of the following people. Maximum love, respect and gratitude to all of you.

Dan Kramer (we all owe you so much)

Richard from (our inspiration)

Johan at

Kawai (for 1,000,000 things and counting, we couldn't do it without you!)

Bruce, Keith, & Wolf (thanks for your generosity with your T-1)

Wolf and Sarge (you guys have taught us so much about servers)

Gilles Bacon (Site Design, Inspiration and Support)

Matt Schalit (Matt gave us some of our first shows, he also keeps the love alive on etree)

Wonder Knack (for use of images and giving us our second home (the Music Message Board at

Gina and Catherine at Guerrilla Management (for all they do.)

Johan,Gabe, Kenny, Goeff, Jonatan at KALW, Chris, Chris, and Chris (for contributions to the archive)

Jennifer Willis (for putting up with me)

Tige (for such wonderful sound board mixes of shows past)

Versace (for wonderful sound board mixes of shows present)

Spearits (family wherever you go...)

and most of all

Michael Franti and Spearhead

Your music keeps us lifted everyday!



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