ARCHIVES: Spearhead ... spreading love upon the microphone!

Welcome to our archive page.

Here we will post all the live Spearhead music we can. While we believe music is to be shared we must respect those who create it. We will only post legal live material. No studio or remixed tracks.

This music is a gift, and should be treated as such. It should be shared freely. No individual should profit from the files downloaded on this site.

Michael and the band are very generous with their live music taping policy. We love to see the band live, but their studio work is equally as amazing. Please support them by buying studio releases when they come out.

The Files

Files on this site are in MP3 and SHN. Click here to learn more about SHN files. Most but not all of the shows on this site are in both SHN and MP3. Some shows will remain in SHN format only if the taper requests it. Please respect their wishes. The DOWNLOAD GUIDELINES will explain a little more about our policy regarding MP3 and much more.

If you have problems please let us know.

Bad Links, Missing Tracks, Failed MD5 checksums, etc.?

Contact us at

Shows on this site must be downloaded a track at a time, No FTP transfers are available.

There are also some "download manager" applications that may be helpful.



2) Find the show you wish to download.

3) Choose the format you wish to download.
(They are listed To the right of each show.)

4) Move your mouse over a file link.

5) Right click. Choose "Save Target As"

6) Select a location on your hard drive to save the file.

7) Repeat these steps for each file in the folder.

8) SHN files will need to be converted to WAVs
for burning to Audio CD. (We recommend the
MKW Audio Compression Toolkit

We are assuming you have some experience downloading and working with digital music files. has good resources for beginners. If you are having problems (failed checksums, bad links) send an email to FIX ME! We will try to get things corrected ASAP.

Now that you know what to do, choose your show and happy downloading!

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