1) Why the name "loveisdashit"?

We originally wanted to call the site "itslovely.com" but some one had the URL

"Love is da shit" is the name of a song on the Spearhead album Home. If you don't own it go buy it!


2) I came by the site but could not get in. What gives?

Our groovy new server has a ton of bandwidth, however we are having a problem with the server dropping its internet connection. We are working hard to fix this and hopefully it not be a problem in the future. We act as our own network administrators, something we are still LEARNING. If you can not get in, please try back later.


3) I read the "download guidelines" ... why do you hate MP3 so much?

We do not hate MP3, if fact we love it, some of the first live Spearhead shows we got were in MP3 format. We listened to those shows over and over (We still do). The one thing we could not do was trade them for other shows. We needed Audio CD's or SHN files for that. We wanted to acquire more music so we started trading Audio CD's and SHN files. Many people do not want CD's made from MP3. We respect that, and not to preach, but you should too. MP3 is not CD quality. Please listen to them all you like, just don't trade them. Audio CD's and SHN files are so much better quality. It was a hard decision to put MP3 files on this site. We chose to do it because we know that not everyone can download SHN files. If you have a 56k modem it could take you weeks! You may live not live in the United States and it may be harder to arrange blanks and postage. For those reasons coupled with our limited bandwidth, we made the decision to post MP3 files here.


4) Is B&P (Blanks and Postage) for me?

No matter who you are the answer is yes. We are happy to make you CDs that you can trade with others.

Drop us a line, we will try to hook you up! The rules are simple.


5) Spearhead played my town last night, where is the show?

We do not work for, or have any affiliation with the band. We are simply fans who wish to share this music.

When we get a show we will upload it, sometimes it is weeks after a show, sometimes months, sometimes years. We are always looking for shows that we do not have. We are in tight with a number of tapers, but do not know them all. If you have shows we do not, please let us know, we are really trying to archive everything we can.


6) What is a "Download Manager" and why might I want to use one?

A "Download Manager" is a program that helps you download several files at once. In most cases, you right click over a file and choose "copy shortcut". You can then paste the short cut into a que and repeat for each file. Once you have a list you can then tell it to download every file in the list. We have used this program and it worked OK. You can find other applications at Download.com If you do not have some sort of helper application, you must download a show, a track at a time. This can be a long painful process. We do not sell, support or have any interest in what you use to download files from this site.


7) Can I get an FTP login?

We do not give the public access to our site by FTP. We have another server we use for file transfers. If you are interested in donating or trading by FTP, that can be arranged but not on this server.


8) I am looking for this song.... I heard Michael Franti sing a song.......

For 99% of you the correct answer is "Bomb the World". You can download a version here

www.freakyandfree.com has lyrics to this and most every other Spearhead song.


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